Twitter update

If I could apply one adjective to my personal usage of Twitter it would be “inadequate.” I follow almost the same number of tweeters as tweets I have made (in the 70 range at the moment) and I have about 5 followers, about half of whom are related to me. My boyfriend and I talked about Twitter the other day, and he observed that Twitter seems to be mostly for celebrities and people who enjoy celebrity culture. I wasn’t sure I agreed with that, since I think of the 70-odd tweeters I follow, only about a handful are celebrities in the pop-culture sense. Most of them are library-related sites. But, today, I followed my first “real” celebrity, and it is Mayim Bialik, whose Twitter handle, in case you’re interested and too lazy to Google it, is @missmayim. I consider her to be kind of a celebrity anomaly, since at least half of her brain is clearly occupied by things other than what is going on in Hollywood, and in fact her Hollywood career, while perfectly successful at the moment and for quite a few years now, seems like it could almost have been her back-up plan. Also her name is the Hebrew word for Water, which I think is really cool. Anyway here is a link to her website, as well.